Period : 6 months
The data entry and word processing course is an approved course by the General Organization for Vocational and Technical Training, with a duration of 6 months, with 240 training hours. It provides an overview of information technology, the Windows operating system, training on the use of basic computer programs, Word, Excel, Access, and training on touch typing skills on the Arabic-English keyboard.
Course objectives and contents:
Providing the trainees, according to the best practical training methods, with the basics of the computer and the operating system, as well as the skills and specialized and professional information necessary for data entry, word processing and keyboard typing skills in a professional manner, and qualifying them to use office programs, Word, Excel, Access, electronic tables and texts with high professionalism.
Course content:
• Introduction to Information Technology
• Touch typing
• Word processor (Microsoft Word 2013)
• Windows operating system (8 or 10)
• Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel 2013)
• Database Program (Microsoft Access)

Course Features:
1. The certificate is approved by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.
2. It represents a suitable option for those who wish to obtain various information and skills in computer applications.
3. Providing the necessary training material and disks for free.
4. It is considered one of the basic courses for differentiation when applying to institutions, companies and the govement sector, due to the characteristics of the holder of the data entry and word processing course certificate, who is familiar with all computer programs related to office work and what companies and institutions require from their employees in this aspect.