general goal:
The program aims to provide the trainees with the knowledge and skills necessary to use computer programs
Applied in office work efficiently and effectively.
Detailed objectives of the program:
  • Knowledge of computer use.
  • Use the computer keyboard by touch at a speed of no less than (20) correct words per minute.
  • Format letters and tables using Word
  • Manage DOS Program and Windows Environment
  • Using the Excel program
  • Using Inteet Explorer
  • Use the Power Point program
  • Time and email management Outlook- E Mail
The contents of the program :
  • Use the keyboard.
  • Coordination of letters and tables using Word programs.
  • dos operating system and windows environment.
  • Use of Excel spreadsheets.
  • using the Inteet  .
  • Use Power Point.
  • Time and email management E-mail and Outlook
program duration :
Three months .
Who attends the programme:
Those wishing to work in the field of secretarial and office work.