Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

This policy has been specifically designed to help you understand the nature of the data we collect from you when you visit our website and how we treat this personal data because we, at Support Services Training Institute, fully appreciate your concerns about the privacy of your data that you provide to us through our websites.

All that is required of you after browsing this site is that you acknowledge that you have read and understood all of the following terms of use and the privacy policy in their entirety, including any updates that may be posted later on the site itself as necessary.

Support Services Training Institute reserves the right to revise and amend the terms of use and the privacy policy by updating this publication by adding or deleting it, at the discretion of the administration.

Note: Support Services Training Institute’s privacy policy and standards are closely committed to all legislation, controls and regulations under which data is protected.

Support Services Training Institute is committed to protecting the privacy of our valued customers. This policy ("Privacy Protection Policy") applies to all personal information collected by or provided to us, through the various means used by the institute to collect information, including personal information collected or provided through our: websites (SSTI Portal) and on any mobile sites, smart applications and other mobile interactive features, our official social media pages, and through what we send to via text messages and others. You declare your agreement to the terms and conditions of this policy.

1. Type and nature of information collected

Personal and non-personal information may be collected about each visitor to this website. The quality of the information depends on your actions and interactions with the site.

Personal Information

Personal information is only collected if you voluntarily provide such information as needed, for example, during registration and ordering processes. Any personal information you may share with us is kept confidential. It shall not be disposed of by sale or shared with any other party unless it is required to fulfill orders or services, or refund amounts paid therein.

Non-Personal Information

There is a possibility that the institute may need certain non-personal identifiable information collected through our Website to create a more personal and relevant experience during your visit. This information also enables us to improve the performance of the site to better serve you.

2. The collection and use of personal information

Collection of personal information

Personal Identifiable Information may be collected during registration processes, ordering, billing and securities processing, customer service interactions or when you enter a contest. Your personal information will not be shared in any of the recognizable ways unless it is relevant to the purpose for which you wrote it.


During the registration process, you may be asked to give your name, mobile number, ID and email address for verification and verification purposes. These steps may be necessary to ensure that registrants are properly identified. By providing this data, we can verify the account, and you can also take advantage of the offers and promotions offered by the institute.

Customers Service

Personal identifiable information may be collected if you report a problem or submit an inquiry to a customer service representative. A record of that correspondence may be kept for follow-up, as well as to provide excellent customer service that achieves the desired degree of happiness.

Entering a Contest or Promotion

Furthermore, information may be collected from you to enter competitions and similar promotions in which you voluntarily choose to participate, which are displayed on the SSTI Institutes portal or the institute's official websites via social media.

Manage Cookies

Session cookies for users are saved and managed on the servers of Support Services Training Institute Web Server

3. The Information Protection Guarantor

Safety Measures

Your information is protected during processing and storage. Your account and profile are password protected so that only you can access this personal information.

In the event that a security breach is judged likely to pose a significant risk to the rights and freedoms of one or more affected users, the institute shall take all reasonable efforts to contact those users and inform them of the breach and its potential impact.

4. Location of the Processed Information

Information is processed in the cloud via high performance and security servers using ClamAV Scanner Antivirus.

Email associated with the account and service

Support Services Training Institute reserves the right to send you email or text messages regarding your account status. This includes order confirmations, notices when monthly or periodic fees and installments are due, notices of online payment issues with a credit card, and other transactional messages and notices of changes to our Privacy Policy.

Email newsletters

Support Services Training Institute offers many promotions, flyers via e-mail and other media such as text messages. You will receive these offers and newsletters by virtue of your presence in the list of our distinguished customers and if you no longer wish to receive a particular newsletter or all of them, you can express by sending an email expressing that you do not wish to receive these messages.

Promotional Email

Support Services Training Institute may periodically send you messages about programs, training courses and services that the institute believes may be of interest to you. You may opt out of receiving messages in the future by sending an email stating that you do not wish to receive such messages.

Email About Surveys

Support Services Training Institute may send you emails inviting you to participate in user surveys, asking you about your evaluation of our training programs and your opinion on our current services or what future programs and services are expected from you, and we will ask you for information that helps us better understand your needs as a trainee. Customer opinion surveys help us improve our services, knowing that any information obtained by the Support Services Training Institute from such surveys will be used internally. Information in its entirety may only be shared with an external third party affiliated with the institute.

Emails From the User

If you send us emails, please be aware that the information described in the email may not be secure or encrypted, and therefore may be available for others to view. We recommend that you exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal or confidential information in email messages. Support Services Training Institute will use your email address to respond directly to your questions or comments.

5. Means of Contact to Ask Questions or Express Concerns About the Policy

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or complaints regarding privacy or Support Services Training Institute's handling of personal or non-personal information, please contact us in any of the following ways.

By email:

Please send all privacy inquiries to the following email address:

By opening a technical support ticket:

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